Sunday, September 9, 2012

The new Champion desk by Moll - Grows perfectly with your child, innovative in design and function

The all new Champion desk.

All the corners of the desktops are rounded, which is as contemporary as it is safe. The Silhouttes of the furniture follows a clear design. The elements are all in white and aluminium-coloured, and can be accentuated with colour by simply replacing the colour. Runner, Handles or control elements can shine in blue, or pink or in any of the eight colours that are included with every item of our moll range.

Like all our moll desks at The Little Kidz Closet, the new champion desk has also been developed in line with our principle of " Grow perfectly with the child". The Feet include moll's proven Comfort height adjustment , which enables the desk to be adjusted to the correct ergonomic height easily and in minutes.

The new patented tilt function is also easy to operate from a seated position. All that is required to lift the desktop is to pull the left button of the front of the desktop, while pulling the right one lowers it again. This means our children can always choose the most relaxed seating position for any activity, whether is writing, drawing or reading.

Which desk is best for your child??

On champion "front up" it is the rear part that can be tilted, on "left up" it is the left side and "right up" the right side. The right choice for you child is mainly a matter or preferences and habits.

Tidy children who appreciate additional storage for their things will prefer champion front up.

Those who need to have several items on the desk and generally keep things on their right will choose left up. And for those who generally look and reach to the left with find that the Champion "right up" is the right desk for them. Of course, objects can also be left on the tiled desktop, because the magnetic ruler with magnifying glass, which is included in your desk purchase, doubles as an anti-slip feature.

Moll special touch smart technology prevents fingers from being trapped, and enables the movable desktop to fit smoothly againest the fixed elements.

Optional Extras

Giant drawer or Cubic container offers additional storage. It simply rolls under the desktop, can also be topped with a seat pad for sitting on, and its 2 drawers offer plenty of options for keeping kraft and school items neat and tidy. The Champion also contains a secret compartment (which all kids love) that is hidden inside the lockable top drawer.

The champion also has another stylish highlight to offer - The book holder which is also included and know comes in an aluminum finish.

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