Tuesday, January 10, 2012

WIN -A Moll starter desk and Woody Chair

These days sitting at a computer for extended periods of time is the norm for most school aged children. The healthy development of growing Children is an extremely important factor in learning.

Moll scholastic furniture can help your child sit and stand ergonomically during this important period of growth and development. Moll furniture systems represents plenty of options for you child.

A few options to look at when considering purchasing a desk for you child:

All Moll Desks are height adjustable from 53cm to 82cm
The Tops of all moll desks can be tilted
All Moll Maximo and woody chairs are fully adjustable.
Your can grow you space as your child needs it.

There are just so many options in the moll range. Please feel free to check out the full range on our website or contact Lesley on 0403925306 for a full colour catalogue. Click here to be forward to our website:

Now the exciting part is we are giving away one of these fabulous desks and chairs.

Instructions for how to enter to win one of these prizes are included in the KSF newsletter every Tuesday so click here to be in chance to win this great Moll Starter desk and Chair.

Good Luck!!