Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Kushee Mat

It is with great excitement that I am pleased to announce that our Kush-ee® Mat is now an AWARD WINNING product. The Kush-ee mat has won the 2011 Australian Business Award for Best New Product.

The Kush-ee
Mat - a 'must have' self-inflating, portable playmat with a gorgeous, safety conscious, machine washable cover. The Kush-ee Mat is a soft cushioning mat for babies to lay on & great for parents on the go!

The mat has been designed to en
sure it's large enough for a baby to play on (and enough room for adults to also sit and play!) without compromising the portability of the mat. The covers have been designed in a soft, breathable polyester/cotton fabric to compliment a range of people's tastes using colours that are savvy, contemporary & will compliment any area in the house suitable for play.

The Kush-ee Mat is insulated enabling baby to be kept cool during summer months and warm during winter months. Product safety has been at the fo
rethought in the design of the cover - a flap covers the valve so baby cannot gain access to it & grip dots on the bottom of the cover to prevent slipping on hard floor surfaces.

Together, the mat & cover roll up into a light weight, portable and versatile playmat that parents can take to other people's houses, parks..basically anywhere that baby goes & needs to be laid down. 3 designs to choose from: Racing Stripes, Little Birdie and Stars


Kush-ee Mat is now available at The Little Kidz Closet.
Click here for full details: Kush-ee Mat

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