Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Baby and Toddler Show

Its been a busy few weeks at The Little Kidz Closet so I havent had a chance to blog about The Baby and Toddler expo at Sydney Exhibition Centre in Darling Harbour that I attend in October.

Again there were some amazing products from Kids Clothing baby and Kids Bedding, Nursery and Childrens furniture to the latest innovative products on the market for us mums.

I must say a stand out for me which I fell in love with and have order for both my children are the le Baron chairs by hanke. This chair is the ultimate of all children's chairs. I can just see this chair in the corner of my kids bedrooms as a designer piece, and yes these are now available at The Little Kidz Closet.

So if you are interested in knowing a little more about why this chair is so great read on...

Le Baron is a children’s chair for children between the age of 1 and approximately 10. Le Baron has specifically been designed for children and is characterised by the comfort, the adult and perfect quality as well as the fact that it is designer furniture! The chair has a curved shape and the fabric is available in a diversity of colours. The curved design of the chair ensures that the child has a luxurious space to sit. The wide dimensioned space is a guarantee that children of various ages fit this chair easily.


The chair is designed as such that children will have a sense of security. The shape of the chair meets the requirements of a child. They experience round, secure shapes to be cosy spaces, in which they can be seated in a sheltered surrounding. Above all the chair provides a sense of security. Moreover, the chair provides the child individual and personal space; children sit in a beautifully designed chair in which they can be at ease and feel comfortable.
With or without legs

The le baron chair is suitable for children from 1 year and older. The adjustable height of the chair ensures that even the smaller 1 year old children can sit in the chair comfortably. This is based on the fact that the chair can be used without legs. The special frame design enables the chair to be sturdily positioned in both circumstances, with or without legs. Due to this sturdy positioning even toddlers can experience the sense of security in the Le Baron children’s chair. The legs can be adjusted to the chair fairly easy. No professional assistance is required.

Material and sizes

The le baron chair frame is made from metal, furnished with a soft yet firm filling and is subsequently finished with a woollen material. This provides the chair the characteristics of a sturdy, stable chair which is both soft and comforting at the same time. The combination of different materials; the use of metal; a wooden base and firm furnishing material ensure the perfect quality and endurance of the chair. The height of the chair is 55 centimetres. The seating area has a width of 53 centimetres and a length of 56 centimetres.

Summary technical specifications:

* Frame: metal
* Legs: metal
* Fastening: screws and blind nuts
* Furnishing: suede-like fabric (polyester)
* Special treatment: fire-retardant
* Hygiene: the cushions can be removed and hand-washed with lukewarm water
* Height: 55 centimetres
* Seating area - width: 53 centimetres
* Length: 56 centimetres
* Two types of cushions: seating cushions and supporting cushions

Colour option

The chair is available in the following colours

* lime green
* orange
* dark grey / anthracite
* pink
* red
* blue

Personal taste

The availability of several cushions provides the customer with the choice to "compose" an individual chair. As such you can choose an orange frame and add a selection of cushions to his / her personal taste.

Why children experience the Le Baron chair as pleasant?

Children are extremely fond of curved shapes, sheltered places where they feel secure and in which they can actually hide away and feel comfortable. This is exactly what Le Baron chair offers... and much more. The space of the chair provides all characteristics for children to feel at ease. It provides a sheltered spot and guarantees an individual space in the (living) room or your child's bedroom. The chair provides comfortable seating possibilities, as the chair continuous to provide comfort in many different positions. A child can sit up straight and be actively involved in i.e. reading a book; however the chair also provides the possibility to snuggle up or to let the legs hang out, while being supported by the arm supports!