Friday, April 30, 2010

Kids In Style Part 2

Its been a while but finally we are back to part 2 of Kids in Style.

Most of our new exciting products are now in store.

1 . Giimmo by Magic Light

Is the most popular night light around! Constantly changing colour, these cute critters are rechargeable and portable, making them perfect for those weekend trips to grandma's so as to keep those gremlins at bay! Used successfully by child psychologists and as an aid to prevent bed wetting. My children Josh and Emma both use these night lights and they have been one of my best investments. Joshua could never sleep without the hall way light on and emma needed something that she could watch and soothe her to sleep.

2. Zuny Book ends

Introducing the worlds' most beautiful bookend... a magnificent addition to your childs' room. Each bookend is lovingly handcrafted. Available in both the "Classic" and "Limited Edition" collections, these animals are designed to capture your child's imagination.

3. BusyBee Friends -Coming soon

Winnner of the UK "Practical Preschool" Gold Award, this fantastic range of bags for children is now in Australia. Available in 3 fantastic designs, this collection includes backpack, a lunch bag, a trundle bag for those little globe trotters and a camera bag for your budding papparazzi. Sold individually, these bags are sure to delight.